Corruption · IOC · Olympic bids · Scandals


Does someone’s Feverr come at a price?

The IOC supposedly cleaned up its act after the scandal surrounding the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, which prompted the organization to expel six members for corruption, as they were outed for their fine tastes that came at the expense of the SLC bid organizers.

If the IOC thought that expulsion solved the problem, it may need to think again, as The Guardian reports that during the 2020 Olympics bid process, the Tokyo bid team apparently made a seven-figure deposit into an account tied to the son of former IAAF (world athletics governing body) chief Lamine Diack, who was an IOC member from 1999-2013. In 2014 Diack became an honorary IOC member and stepped down from that post last November after French authorities arrested him for corruption and money laundering, alleging that he accepted bribes for covering up results of Russian drug tests.

The French authorities are now looking into the bids for the 2016 and 2020 Games for further signs of corruption. Meanwhile, the IOC might have to wipe some egg off its face and have a stern talking-to with its membership, as it thought it had cleaned everything up after the SLC scandal. After this investigation, it may not look any better than FIFA or the IAAF.


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