News Roundup · Rio 2016

O-Minus 50: The Feverr Commences

Feverr levels: We detect a fever!

Now that Rio is just 50 days away, the Games are really starting to get real. For us that means we’re starting to feel a case of Olympic Fever. Oh, sure, you say — Rio’s been preparing for the last seven years. Athletes have been training even longer than that. You’re just now paying attention?

Well, life gets complicated sometimes. But we’re here now, and we’re building up our site’s content to help you, the fan who’s also realizing that the Olympics are much closer than you think. It’s time to catch up with what’s going on and prepare yourself for the Games!

So what’s been going on lately?

Where’s the Torch?

Macapá, the capital of the state of Amapá, which is in northern Brazil on the North Channel of the Amazon River. The equator runs through it!

Refugee Olympic Team Ready to Compete

In March the IOC announced it would put together a team of athletes who are country-less due to their refugee status. Without a country, an Olympic hopeful wouldn’t have a chance of getting into the Games. Recognizing the global refugee crisis, the IOC said that they would step in and create a 10-person team (chosen from a pool of 43 potential athletes), and along with Olympic Solidarity give them the perks of other athletes: housing, training funding, uniforms, etc. In Rio, they’ll march together under the Olympic flag, and at the Opening Ceremony, they’ll march in before the host nation (note: prep your Kleenex for that moment).

At the beginning of June, the IOC announced the 10 lucky athletes who will make up the Refugee Olympic Team (ROT) and they’re busy preparing not just to complete their quest as Olympians, but also to share more of the issues about refugees in the world.

The Hardware Store is Open

The Brazilian Mint is the outfit behind the creation of Rio 2016’s medals, which were unveiled this week. The IOC talked about how sustainable these babies are, which really makes you cringe at the way they’ve been made in the past. Here are the claims:

  • Gold medals contain zero mercury (wrap your head around that one for a second)
  • They contain 30% recycled silver and bronze – The silver comes from “leftover mirrors, waste solders and X-ray plates”
  • There’s copper in the bronze medals (wrap your head around that one too) — and 40% of it is Mint waste
  • The ribbons are made from 50% recycled PET (very cool, but how often will Coca-Cola be mentioning this to us?)
  • Medals come in a “sustainably sourced wooden box” (did your eyebrows rise a little bit there too?)

Coolness factor: Way cool. The front depicts a winged angel in the middle of an athletics stadium (very traditional looking). The reverse has Rio 2016’s funky logo and olive branches. The ribbon is mainly green, playing off of Brazil’s national color.

It Takes All Kinds

Get this: The Rio 2016 Olympic Games is going to feature a lot of diversity. You’ve got over 10,000 athletes from 206 countries representing five continents. You don’t say. Look for this message to be repeated ad nauseam for the next few months. Can we remind you that women and men don’t get equal opportunities in Olympic sports?

Athlete Funding Taking to the E-Streets

Getting to the Olympics is a pretty expensive endeavor, so a bunch of athletes have taken to setting up GoFundMe pages to help them (and sometimes their horses) get through qualifying meets and to Brazil. If you want to send some money their way, check out the GoFundMe Road to Rio portal.

Zika Watch: WHO Weighs In

The World Health Organization has been studying the possible effects of the Zika virus, which has been making a big splash in the news, as it can cause some pretty nasty birth defects in pregnant women and other issues. Upon further review, WHO doesn’t think there’s a whole lot to worry about if precautions are taken.

Speaking the Language – Part I

The Canadian Olympic Team has a crash course in important Portuguese Olympic phrases Obrigado, Canada!

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