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O-Minus 49: Russian Athletics, Don’t Bother Coming

Feverr levels: Mild spike in temps

Where’s the torch? Santarém, Pará. We’re still in northern Brazil, just further inland down the Amazon.

Big news out of Vienna today, where the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the international governing body for Athletics (aka track and field) decided to uphold a ban on Russian athletics’ athletes, effectively barring them from participating in the Olympics.

The IAAF initially banned Russia last November, a moved that the Russian Federation (ARAF) completely accepted without enacting its right to have a hearing. Sounds like they understood they got busted. And the bust was pretty damning, with reports of widespread, systemic doping starting at the top.

At any rate, ARAF had to comply with a bunch of stuff in order to prove it was clean, and the IAAF today decided that nope, they need to sit time out a little while longer. Unfortunately for Russian athletes who are clean, that means their Olympic dreams are pretty much shattered.

This, of course, is heartbreaking news to many Russians, to which the IOC so far has said, Meh, it’s the IAAF’s decision, but they’re going to have a serious talk about this over the next few days. However, the IAAF is throwing out a glimmer of hope with a new regulation that says clean athletes who’ve gone through independent testing can apply for an exemption to be allowed to compete — but not under the Russian flag. Here at TheFeverr, we immediately wonder whether this means any Russian track a,nd field medal winners would not get country awards– which in 2012 was $135,000 for gold.

According to the Moscow Times, this ban also prevents 4,027 Russian athletes from participating in any international competitions by the IAAF or the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

So it’s a rough day for some athletes, but a day of vindication for other athletes who lost out to people who cheated the system.

Today’s Portuguese lesson: Let’s learn Olympic sport names! This one’s a twoparter.

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