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O-Minus 47: Are You Ready for Olympic Day?

Feverr level: Spiking

Where’s the torch? Manaus, Amazonas

The torch is moving westward. Manaus is the state capital, located where the Negro and Solimões Rivers come together.

Hey Friends,

Did you know that this Thursday is Olympic Day? Yep! June 23 marks the 122nd anniversary of the founding of the IOC, so all over the world there will be celebrations of Olympic values in three different ways: Move, Learn, Discover.

Now, if you’re like us, you’ve immediately gone to your local National Olympic Committee to see what’s on tap and if there’s an event near you. And if you’re especially like us (i.e.–adults in America), you’re a little disappointed to see that the USOC pretty much only pushes Olympic Day on youth organizations. Because the definition of “whole world” in IOC president Thomas Bach’s inspirational quote, “Every year, Olympic Day allows the whole world to unite behind the Olympic dream,” apparently is a lot smaller than what we’d consider it to be.

Cue the sad trombone.

The thing is, when you have Olympic Fever, a little stipulation like “being a kid” doesn’t get in your way. Hell, no! Olympic values don’t stop when you hit a certain age — they should be instilled in you when you’re young and revisited throughout your lifetime. As another famous O might say, the Olympic Values can help you life your best life, and that life sure as shootin’ doesn’t end when you’re officially adult age.

So when we here at TheFeverr look at the list of events near us that are really meant only for kids, we say, Fuck that shit! We’re going to have our own virtual Olympic Day right here! For adults! And you’ll know it because we’re using adult language!

This week we’ll spend some quality time looking at the Olympic values here on the blog, and then on Thursday we’ll be hosting our very own Virtual Olympic Run (VOR).  We challenge you to join us on the VOR as we take a short run around our neighborhood (more on that tomorrow). Heck, we won’t even push worldwide Olympic Day sponsor McDonald’s down your throat!

Ready to join us? Let us know on Facebook if you’re running with us, and we hope you’ll chime in on this week’s conversations. Let’s build those values together!

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