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O-Minus 46: Olympic Day Prep: Let’s Get Moving!

Thursday is Olympic Day, the anniversary of the IOC’s founding, and it’s a day to honor Olympic values. The first of these is “Move.”

We need to get the couch potatoes off the couch and make sport and physical activity part of everyone’s life.

-Thomas Bach, president of the IOC

The IOC notes that we as a global society are moving a lot less than we used to. In less than two generations, Americans are moving 32% less and Brits are moving 20% less. In 18 years, Chiniese are moving 45% less, and in 5 years, Brazilians are moving 6% less.

Why is this a problem? Isn’t it great that we aren’t toiling in factories and fields as much? Yes, and no. While it’s nice that a lot of us aren’t doing back-breaking manual labor, it’s just as bad to be sedentary. Being active reduces risk of disease and mortality. You have better mental health and self-esteem, less anxiety and less stress. Also, when you’re more active, you make better choices about what you eat, which in turn makes your body stronger and then just perpetuates the physical and mental well-being cycle.

Being healthy is also good for society in that it lowers health care costs across the board, keeps people out of trouble, makes them more productive, improves academic output, improves acceptance of others and gets people more jazzed about helping out in their community.

One of the ways the IOC promotes the Move element of Olympic Day is through the Olympic Day Run. The first run, a 10K that 45 National Olympic Committees (NOC) did, took place in 1987. Since then, the Move element has expanded to embrace other types of movement.

We here at The Feverr personally could stand to benefit from moving a bit more (especially since, come August, were going to do a fair amount of couch potatoing), so we’re hosting our own virtual Olympic Day Run. We’re going to run a mile around our local track. Maybe more. Please join us and get your body moving–and if you’re hoping to get started on a more routine exercise plan, let this be your inspiration to make your body move faster, higher and stronger. Sign up on our Facebook page today!

Where’s the torch?

Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas. This is due north of Manaus.

I didn’t get my Portuguese lesson yesterday! Sorry about that–thought you might like a rest day. The Australian Olympic Team’s put together a handy guide for you!

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