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O-Minus 45: Olympic Day Prep: The Values of an Olympian

As we continue our preparation for Olympic Day, let’s take a look at the IOC’s values:

Excellence: It’s not being da bes, it’s about being your best. That’s kind of an interesting concept, since the Olympics is a whole lot of competitions, each with a designated winner and a couple of runners-up. However, there’s a cache to just being at the Olympics–everyone there has achieved excellence, and for a lot of the names we never hear about, the meet is about doing their best.

Friendship: The IOC sees sport as a way to bridge gaps between individuals, cultures and countries. Truth, right? People can get along playing a game together. Why we as a planet can’t keep that in mind when we’re adults, I don’t know. Maybe we should be forced to go to PE classes when we’re out of school, just to remind us how to get along.

Respect: This facet can be expressed in many ways–not just respect for others, but respect for yourself and your body (hey, let’s move!). Respect the game and its rules, because games’ boundaries help keep players safe, and it’s more fun when everyone’s on the same page with how the game should be played. The IOC also includes respect for the environment under this heading. A lot of sports–particularly winter ones–can’t happen if the earth’s been scrapped.

I spent some time looking at the IOC’s Olympic Values Education Program and was excited about the prospect of perhaps doing an activity together. Unfortunately, the fun stuff’s still under development (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been under development for a while and will continue to be so). So no activities for us–just a reminder to be excellent to ourselves and each other.

Where’s the torch?

Rio Branco, Acre. The torch is now in Northwestern Brazil, somewhat near the border of Bolivia.

Portuguese for the Day: Transparent offers a Brazilian Portuguese word every day.


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