IOC · Olympic Day

O-Minus 44: Olympic Day: Let’s Get Pumped (and Learn Something)

Are you pumped yet for tomorrow’s Olympic Day? No? Well, take a look at Team USA’s song. Doesn’t it make you want to shed a tear/get off your butt and work on your fitness?

No? How about some extra Olympic knowledge (and please, someone bring back the Art and Literature contest)? Or Team USA’s version of a Cosmo quiz (minus the sex)?

We’re getting there–one more day until we get moving and showcase our inner Olympian! Don’t forget to sign up for our virtual run!

Where’s the torch?

Rio Branco, Acre. The Flame is still in the Northwest part of Brazil, nearer to Peru and Bolivia.

How about some more Portuguese?

World Wise Athlete’s got a nice collection (although targeted toward Americans).

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