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O-Minus 41: This Week in Olympic News

Quick news roundup to round out our week:

See the torch, kill a jaguar. Give a young soldier a rifle and teach him how to shoot, and guess what? When he’s threatened while holding the gun, he may instinctively fire. That’s the sad lesson a jaguar learned this week after the cat was apparently not too thrilled about being trotted out to be a backdrop for the Olympic Torch relay.

We’re used to the garbage. Who’s surprised about sailing venue Guanabara Bay being polluted to the point where it’s recommended you avoid ingesting the water? Not the sailors? They experienced similar conditions in Beijing. Must be fun to be part of a second-class sport in terms of importance ensuring Olympic-caliber venues–though to be fair, a new sewage system installed a few months ago has made drastic improvements. But it’s not like Rio hasn’t had seven years to prepare for this event.

They’re not dope. It came out yesterday that Rio’s doping testing lab isn’t capable of completing the necessary drug tests up to international standards, so the World Anti-Doping Agency is suspending it. NBD, says WADA, we’ve got a Plan B–had to do that with the 2014 World Cup, so we figured it wouldn’t be any different. They’re sending samples to a different accredited lab for testing, and the IOC will likely be on the hook for the costs.

No, really, it’ll be safe. Rio’s mayor had to wipe a little egg off his face this week, as two Australian athletes were mugged. This keeps concerns about safety at the Games heightened. Hopefully Rio can deliver.

Where’s the torch?

Campo Grande, MS – This is the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. We’re still on the western side of Brazil but moving south toward Paraguay.

Practice that Portuguese! We’ll keep our language lessons for weekdays, so practice what you’ve learned this week!



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