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O-Minus 18: Olympic Art

What do you think of the posters for the Rio Games? There are 13 of them altogether, produced by 12 Brazilian artists and one Colombian.

Here’s one of the options, but you can check them all out at this site.

This one’s actually one of my favorites out of the bunch because it seems more Olympic than, say, these five (though if you read the press release, you’ll notice these are on the bottom):

Put that top choice with these two, and you have my three favorites (and noticeably at the top of the press release). To me, the left one does a great job of relating place, and the center is classic Olympics (though it doesn’t differentiate Rio much). The right is my favorite–it’s the rings and the flame rethought, and it’s a good emblem for Rio, the flame/city rising out of the Olympics:

There are some other really cool ones in the bunch, so check them out.

Olympic posters and artwork are really important for conveying the message and spirit of a given Olympics. A guy named Algars put together a retrospective look at Olympic posters that spans all the Olympic Games. It’s so interesting to see how the artwork has changed throughout the years, how some posters look classic; how others look dated–and maybe not even “dated” in a bad way, but as more finite time capsule of an event, rather than an enduring legacy.

Want to know more about Olympic artwork? The Olympic Museum’s put together a handy guide about Olympic Games posters.

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