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O-Minus 15: We Sing Rio’s Songs

Is it just me, or are there a lot of songs for this year’s Olympics? Particularly from Rio 2016 itself–it’s not like you’ve got venues to finish or anything, but man, have you been good about cranking out the tunes.

First, the Olympic Flame had barely gone out in London, when you released this gem by de Arlindo Druz and Arlindo Neto e Rogê:


Then there’s the official song of the Olympic Torch Relay: “Vida de Viajante” (“Life of a Traveller”) by Luiz Gonzaga.


Then you have the “50 days ’til the Games–GET EXCITED” song by Negabi and Isadora:


And then you have the official Rio 2016 song “Alma E Coracao” by Thiaquinho and Projota:


Will any of these stick in our ears for years to come?

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