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O-Minus 14: We Sing More of the Songs

It’s not just Rio that has a ton of music, other countries also have their own “official songs” for the Olympics to pump up athletes and fans. Here’s a look at some of them:

Katy Perry dropped song for NBC, the American TV network broadcasting the Games. Cue the nightly montage clips:

If you’re across the pond, you’ll be hearing a lot of Jamie N Commons, which the BBC will play in heavy rotation:

Meanwhile, football legend Pele created his own Olympic theme for his country (dude was the greatest footballer ever and he plays bossa nova):


Team USA declared its own official song, selecting The Band Perry’s “Live Forever”:


If you listen to them, you’ll get that slowish, inspirational, this is deep vibe. Truly inspirational? Maybe, after we’ve heard them a bunch. What do you think? Catchy, or clichéd? If you know of any others, please keep us posted!


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