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O-Minus 3: Excitement on Demand

I was checking out the on demand section of my cable TV the other day and noticed a whole “Road to Rio” section that NBC’s put together to get people pumped about the games. Some of it’s cheesy, some of it’s tearjerky, but there are some really interesting factoids and things that might inspire you.


  • Olympians’ special talents (or lack thereof): We hear some singing, instrument playing and some “think they can sing better than they sound here.” We also see failed tricks and learn that gymnast Aly Raisman can’t snap her fingers or do any tongue-curling tricks.


  • Anything involving the parents is going to bring on the tears. It’s enough to make you wish that Kleenex was still an Olympic sponsor.

Cool factoid:

  • Shooters aim at the front of the clay for trap/skeet shooting.

Possible inspiration:

  • There’s a segment about workouts. A fair amount of it involves athletes who puke mid-workout but then have to keep going because they’re not done. Put that image aside, and you hear just how hard these athletes work to get their bodies into ultimate physical condition. It might inspire you–it certainly inspired me to add another set onto my weightlifting workout right then and there, and I feel a hell of a lot better for doing it.

On Verizon, at least, there’s a longer program which is cut into smaller segments, and you can choose what to watch. Just prepare yourself for the rather long reminder to watch the Olympics at the end of each segment.

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