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O-Minus 2: O, Who Will Win?

Athletes aren’t going to Rio for sh*ts and giggles (well, they might end up with the sh*ts, seeing as how the water quality is still a big topic, but still). No, they’re going to win some hardware.

That means those of us at home are playing “O, Who Will Win?”, the amazing Olympic Medal Prediction game that pits economists, sports information groups, sportswriters, academics and UOPs (Unidentified Olympic Predictors) against each other to prove that their prediction model is the best.

Who are among the competitors this year?

  • Goldman Sachs. The world class investment banker has a heavy duty report that ranks both gold and total medals, plus looks at different sports and the effect on the host country’s economy. Their top five golds? US, China, UK, Russia, and South Korea. Swap out Germany for South Korea and you’ll have their top five total winners.
  • Gracenote Sports. This provider of music, video and sports data has a Virtual Medal Table (VMT) where they predict the top 10 countries by total, and they break it down by type of medal. For non-subscribers, they have more fun predictions in a press release, including some individual athletes’ performance.
  • Luciano Barra. Barra is a former member of the Italian Olympic Committee who makes regular predictions and uses World Championships in his calculations.
  • Olympic Medals Predictions. Predictions, yet claimed by no one. Who’s the mysterious calculator behind this website? We don’t know, but we’re wondering how their picks pan out. Top five for gold are US, China, Russia, UK and France. Swap France for Germany and you’ve got OMP’s top five total.
  • Sports Illustrated. SI’s Brian Cazeneuve has made predictions for every event. We’ll track that too, but his overall medal count prediction ranks the US, China, Russia, UK and Australia as the top five overall winners.

We here at The Feverr are going to track the Predictors and see how well they fare at this year’s edition of OW3. We’ll be tracking everything here so that you can follow along (and will be updating it throughout the Games). Who will bring home the gold in the OW3? We can’t wait to find out!

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