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It’s Almost the Night! (What Are You Wearing?)

The Feverr is at an all-time high, dear readers! The torch is making its way through the streets of Rio and will light the Olympic Flame tonight! Tonight! The day we’ve been waiting for for seven years! An Olympics will finally take place in South America!

Since it’s such a big deal, that begs the question: What are you wearing to the big show, athletes? Let’s take a look at some of the uniforms different delegations will be sporting over the next two weeks.

Team GB’s formal wear:

And check out the Stella McCartney-designed kit!

Team Ireland:


Team Canada:

Here’s their kit:

But the Opening Ceremony uniform might be the big winner of the night:

Team China:

It’s been likened to “tomato and eggs.” Sorry, Chinese delegation.


Team USA:

Ralph Lauren Opening Ceremony uniforms


Closing Ceremony uniforms:

Team Ukraine:


Team Australia:

South Korea:


Team Germany:

Team Italy:

EA7: Emporio Armani’s sports label


Team France:

Designed by Lacoste–dig that tri-colored alligator!

Team Cuba:


Team Sweden:

Designed by H&M


And this is only the tip of the iceberg! We’re excited to see the rest of the fashion on display at the Parade of Nations tonight!

Programming note: We likely won’t be live blogging the Opening Ceremonies, as that’s probably not something a gracious party host would do (you are ready for the party, right?). We might Tweet or post on Facebook a bit–but no guarantees. Still, feel free to join us at those locations for the virtual party.

Throughout the Games, we’ll be blogging a lot more than once a day (depending on our regular life schedule), so tune in regularly (or subscribe) for more instant reactions. We’ll also do daily recap updates as well.

Enjoy the Games, friends! And remember: Feverius, Watchius, WOWZIUS!

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