Olympics · Opening Ceremonies · Rio 2016

Who Will Light the Flame?

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for–the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, the night when South America officially joins the list of continents that have hosted the Games.

We’re excited for pageantry; we’re excited for traditions and rituals; we’re excited about the Carnival aspect we’ll hopefully be seeing. It should be a fun Opening Ceremony–perhaps not the same as bottomless-wallet Beijing, but hopefully better than that wacky pickup truck crap from Atlanta.

The big show tonight will have a lot of exciting things, but one of the best elements is who will light the Olympic Flame?

This has traditionally been a mystery–and done well, it can be super-powerful, like at Atlanta (wacky pickups aside, this was one of the best moments of any Opening Ceremonies, and…wait a sec….I’ve got to find a Kleenex).

But in Rio, could the cat already be out of the bag? The choice for the Flame lighter is somewhat obvious–you can’t do any better than Pelé, the greatest football player of all time (though not an Olympian). But dude said a couple days ago that he was asked but had some sponsor thing going on and might not be around. Then the story is that he’s not in great health.

Which is sad, but dude. Dude! Let’s get some treatment for that running of the mouth disease you’ve got going on there. Keeping this part a secret is part of the fun. Maybe a first-time host continent doesn’t get that, but still. Let’s keep it special.

We’ll see tonight what happens. Are you ready? What party plans have you got going on? Share photos and thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll share pics of our celebration as well. Time to samba on out of here and finish prepping. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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