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Day 2: Coverage Catch Up

Follow along with today’s stream of consciousness, as we catch up on the coverage and watch even more.

8:25 PM EDT – Fencing/Women’s Gymnastics/Swimming/Synchronized Diving/Etc. Oh, Men’s Foil! Well, first, let’s talk about how the MSNBC host kept saying that if Massialias won, it’d be America’s first fencing gold in decades. Um, have you met Mariel Zagunis, two-time Olympic gold medalist from the U-S-of A? Geez.

Unfortunately Massialias didn’t win gold, even though that was his goal (and that’s not the goal of most Olympians?). He’d had two matches with big comebacks, but he couldn’t pull out that last one. Still, silver’s not too shabby.

Speaking of wanting medals, did you see Women’s Synchro Diving? Congrats to Italian Tania Cagnotto, who at her fifth Olympics, won silver. It’s pretty impressive to stick with a sport and maintain Olympic caliber for sixteen years, and her persistence paid off.

You know who else has persistence? Oksana Chusovitina, who is likely the most impressive athlete you’ve never heard of. She’s a veteran Olympic gymnast from Uzbekistan. How veteran? She’s 41 years old. That’s not a typo. Rio is her seventh Olympic Games. As a gymnast. And she’s no slouch either–she won a silver medal on vault in Beijing. When she was 33.

She thought she’d retire after London, but getting 5th there left her a bit disappointed, and she’s got more to do. We’re watching her this week. Read this great article at ESPN W for more about her training regimen.

ATM we’re watching swimming–swimming live, swimming on DVR.

3:00 PM EDT – Archery/Shooting/Etc. So the Koreans killed it in their semi-final and showed us why they’re tops in the world. It’s crazy when you see someone shoot an 8 and you think, “Eh, not so good.”

My only beef with the archery competition so far is that unless Brazil’s competing, they announce the score in English first. I loved learning our numbers in China. Wish the Portuguese was announced first — it really accentuates the host nation.

At The Feverr’s Olympic Blogcasting Centre (FOBC), we’ve currently got beach volleyball on the big screen, and we’re live streaming archery and judo. At some point we’ll move the small TV into the FOBC to have four screens at once (although three is pretty overwhelming too).

We had on women’s trap a little earlier and saw Corey Gogdell of the US take the bronze. During the competition, one of the other shooters missed a clay, and the commentator actually said, “Scanlan decides to miss her fourth” (clay–she’d already missed three). Hmmmmm…I don’t think anyone decides to miss a clay in competition, not to mention the Olympics.

Cogdell wears blinders, which is interesting to us here at the FOBC. We’re curious on how that helps her–wouldn’t it cut down on her peripheral vision?

2:54 PM EDT – Women’s archery. The South Korean women opened their semifinal with a perfect set. A PERFECT SET. SIX BULLS-EYES! They’re currently up 3-1 vs. Chinese Taipei.

1:15 PM EDT – Men’s foil. WHOA!! DID YOU SEE THAT?! Massialias comes back to win in amazing fashion! His opponent was one point away from winning, and Massialas only had 8 points, and he hung in there to win it. AMAZING!

12:53 PM EDT – Men’s foil. Table of 16 – Massialas (USA) vs. Avola (ITA) – The Boy and I have watched Massialas’ prior two bouts today, and each of them has had an injury stoppage for his opponent. Medical stoppages can be up to ten minutes long, and it’s impressive that Massialas has kept his head in each game and maintained focus. This match is a lot tougher–it’s neck and neck right now.

12:17 PM EDT – Women’s rugby coverage, Fiji vs. Colombia–Fiji wins 36-0. Sounds bad for Colombia, but it’s an improvement on their 53-0 loss to favorite Australia and 48-0 loss to the US yesterday. Having experienced a fair number of blowouts in roller derby, I feel for Colombia, though I’m sure they’re pleased with their improvement, but still. Are these blowouts good for Olympic competition? Are there no other countries who are as competitive?

That’s something to explore, but rugby’s been fun to watch–surprisingly fun. The chaos and the scramble keep you on your toes. Welcome back, rugby! I hope you stay for a while!

12:08 PM EDT – It’s Day 2 of competition and I’m playing a massive game of catch up, due to spending most of yesterday officiating a roller derby double header. At the moment I’m flipping back and forth between two TV channels of coverage and about ten hours of taped coverage–and let’s not forget all of the live streaming of sports I really want to see–the TV coverage may sometimes only show a little bit of various sports. It’s nice to see them featured on television, but you don’t necessarily get a holistic view of the competition. Of course, if there’s down time between matches or whatever, you don’t show that on TV.

But I digress. Right now I’m watching some beach volleyball on tape, some swimming live on TV, and when I catch up, I’ll look for some other coverage and give a little Opening Ceremony commentary.

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