Athletics · Rio 2016

What Day Is It?: Back in the US of A

12:58 AM EDT

I’m back from Canada, and after today’s recordings, the DVR is 99% full. That’s something like 60% Olympics coverage and 40% Great British Bake Off. I don’t know what coverage to pay attention to either–do I see who the latest Canadian heroes are, or do I watch another American profile piece?

Oh, and while we’re talking about country coverage, let’s just all stop sniping that the US doesn’t show countries other than the US competing. That’s a load of bullshit. Every country cares about its own first. That’s part of having national coverage. If you want everyone treated equally, look for the Olympic Channel, which is debuting after the Games (WARNING: If you have a case of Olympic Fever that ebbs and flows with the calendar, forget recovering from it. This will be Olympics 24/7, 365). And for the record, I’ve seen plenty of matches and races that don’t feature the US at all.

Tonight I’m catching up a bit on today’s coverage and will work backwards. Hurdles are on now. Have you noticed how cool the hurdles look? I love how they’re patterned–and I hope a good chunk of those hurdles end up in Olympic museums. The weight plates have a similar pattern on the inner section [I did catch some weightlifting in Canada–Sarah Robles! And a silver medal for North Korea–who knew they were such a powerhouse? But really, watching the women’s heavyweight weightlifters was so much fun because they got so excited about how much weight they could lift]. It’s colorful and cool and gives the Games a really cool feel. Good job on that front, Rio!


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