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Four Days Left: Craziness Ensues

Well, it wouldn’t be an Olympics without a few scandals, so here are a couple for you:

  • The bad boys of US Swimming could be facing criminal charges for telling a bit of a tall tale, though the IOC didn’t seem to feel the same way.
  • An IOC member’s been charged with ticket scalping (is that the reason the stands are empty?)

In the meantime, I kind of freaked this morning when I saw my DVR was 100% full (and with Modern Pentathlon starting), so I blitzed through some of that coverage while flipping back to live coverage. I caught some Athletics, some Handball, some Whitewater, some Wrestling, some Taekwondo. I deleted the Gymnastics Gala, which to me screams “we want more money”–there’s no Diving or Synchro Swim Gala, and those sports could just as easily be celebrated.

Speaking of Synchronized Swimming, I tuned into the live stream in the middle of Japan’s jaw-dropping technical routine, which, of course, was the last one for the day, so there’s something to look forward to. I also caught the men’s BMX quarterfinals. I realize there are other sports who are having medal events right now, but BMX is so frickin’ cool to watch, that I couldn’t help myself. A few big crashes on the track today, so I hope everyone’s all right.

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