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Last Friday: In the Home Stretch

9:24 AM EDT

Catching up on last night’s coverage–I’d gotten the DVR down to 89%, but now it’s back up to 97% with a lot of coverage in the queue. And with some work on tap today, I’ll likely be playing catch up this weekend.

Men’s Beach Volleyball – Gold Medal Match

I hate to fast-forward through this one because it’s so exciting. Italy vs. Brazil, and the crowd is absolutely wild. But did you notice the comment about how much Brazil spends on its beach volleyball program? An estimated $10 million, which is one of the highest budgets out there. That’s to fund coaches, trainers,  psychologists, etc.

Italy, on the other hand, is a “bare-bones budget team”–more is invested in its indoor volleyball team. The commentators didn’t talk about how much it spent, so it’s hard to compare.

In the grand scheme of things, is $10 million a lot? People have railed on how much Rio has spent on the Games, which could end up being around $12 billion. Should poorer countries suck it up on everything and only put money toward necessities, or is investing in something that brings the country together and takes their minds off life worth it?


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