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The Last Friday (continued): A Little Ref Love

8:40 PM EDT

Men’s Wrestling

Quick poll:

You’re wrestling somebody, and a cut on his eye won’t stop bleeding. His blood is on your jersey. How grossed out are you?

Option A: A lot

Option B: Very

We’re watching the 74kg gold medal match between Russian Geduev (the bleeder) and Yazdani, an Irani who likes to somersault before each match. Match ends in a tie, and Yazdani wins because he scored last. Lots of challenge buddies are thrown, the Russian coach gets yellow carded. Geduev ends up with a massive head bandage for a chunk of the match.

7:45 PM EDT

Women’s Wrestling

Wait a sec…the male wrestling referees get cargo pants, and the females get regular khakis? What’s up with that?

The use of a pea whistle is a different story. I don’t know why the female referee I’ve seen uses one. The Fox 40 is much better.

OK, end of officiating geek out. Back to your regularly scheduled match.

Wait a sec. Those aren’t just cargo pants–they convert to shorts too!

The Boy: We need another female ref to know this [sexism] for sure. We’ve only seen one female ref. You don’t know if she’s just a messy eater.

Come on, female wrestling refs. Tell me you get decent pockets.

7:00 PM EDT – DVR at 100%

Women’s Wrestling

With the DVR going all day, I’ve managed to fill it again, so we’re backfilling the events. Wrestling. Women’s 53kg bronze medal match between  Sofia Mattsson of Sweden and Zhong X. of China. This one’s over so frickin’ fast–Mattsson just was so aggressive and just pinned her opponent within 29 seconds. Mattesson is so excited–and this is the best part–that she hugged the ref. The ref couldn’t help but smile. It’s nice when you get those moments of humanity.

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