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Last Day (Sort of): More DVR’d Action

1:11 PM EDT

Men’s Diving

Say what you want about American commentators and their slant–I hear plenty about how American-focused and biased their coverage is–but you cannot say that about Cynthia Potter, who’s one of NBC’s team covering diving. She gets so excited about every great dive, no matter where the competitor is from. She’s fantastic at explaining little things the judges look for and what happens to make dives go bad. She makes diving even more fun to watch. Announcing is tough work, and she does it effortlessly.

Chen Aisen from China captured the gold in the 10m platform and did so magnificently–one absolutely perfect (across all judges) dive in the middle of the final round, and a final dive that was equally as stunning. I don’t understand quite how divers do it–and much like gymnastics, continue to develop more and more difficulty. I’m curious to see what will be standard by the next Olympics.

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