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Rio: Tchau e Obrigada

Closing Ceremonies

10:50 PM EDT

The show is over, the Flame is out. Tonight’s Closing Ceremonies was really lovely–a lot of dancing and celebration of Brazil, the athletes and the Olympics to come. Some good memories from a country that tried, even though it’s fallen on harder times. I hope Brazil gets a nice boost from this effort and that the rest of the world is influenced by its culture.

Onward to Tokyo 2020. A seriously cool handoff performance. I can’t wait to see what they deliver in four years!

8:48 PM EDT

The Tongan guy is back (in the background)! Why is this not being discussed on the broadcast?!?

Oops, we spoke too soon. They brought him up on stage to promote the Olympic Channel.

8:12 PM EDT

All good things must come to an end, and that’s what Rio 2016 has been, don’t you think? It’s been a good Games. Not a great one–though we’ve had tons of great athletic moments–but the issues overshadowing the organization and the operation have seemed to have too big of a shadow for the athletes to overcome.

But we have to say good-bye at some point, and I’m currently enjoying the lighting and musical spectacle they’re putting on. That’s all you really need, right?

Oh! And that kinetic sculpture with the flame looks so amazing in the stadium!

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