Rio 2016 · Summer Olympics

Rio 2016: DVR Roulette

Yes, I’m still watching Rio footage. It’s kind of fun because I’m watching random competitions out of order, which I actually don’t mind. For example, today I watched some BMX preliminaries. Never mind that I’d already watched the finals on livestream–it was Olympic coverage!

Perhaps this would be annoying to some, but I’m having fun with it, especially since I’m focusing on sports I don’t get to see on a regular basis, since the US is a nation of baseball/football/basketball/hockey and not really a nation of badminton/handball/rowing/judo.

It’s also fun because even though the DVR guide says what’s taped, I don’t ever really know what I’m going to see. Click on a “diving” episode, and you get men’s gymnastics. Diving is supposedly showing up at some point, but over half of the episode is something else, including “fun” with Ryan Seacrest.

At any rate, it’s good background noise and a fun way to keep Rio alive for a little while longer, particularly since it’s pretty much impossible for any one person to watch all of the coverage they aired in real time. Our blogcasting center may have have been dismantled after the Closing Ceremonies, but Rio can still live on in our hearts.


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