Paralympics · Rio 2016

Paralympics Underway!

For the next 12 days, the Paralympics will be taking over a little part of Rio to compete for their medals. This edition of the Paralympics is in rough shape–and like an unwanted child, they’re getting a bit of shaft. See, since the Olympics didn’t do so well in terms of ticket sales, Rio doesn’t have the money for the Paralympics, so they’ve cut back on venues, seating and staffing….and the city and federal governments have had to step in with some emergency cash to the tune of $77 million ($46.3 million from Rio, $30.7 million from Brazil, according to CBS Sports). I think it’s safe to say that $77 million isn’t quite the amount that government officials had hoped to find when they looked between the couch cushions for all the extra money they could find.

While the Paralympics doesn’t have enough cash, it does have a new sculpture, one that the leader of the International Paralympic Committee is pretty stoked about, since it’s going to be an awesome selfie spot (no joke). It also apparently has growing ticket sales, which will help, since that and merch sales are going to be the saving graces to pay back the government, although it could just mean that Brazilians will be paying out of pocket multiple times to cover the cost of these Games.

Still, the athleticism we’re going to see will be pretty amazing, and I hope that the Paralympic Movement gets a bump from this effort. Bring on the Games!

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