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Montreal 1976-2016 in Pictures

As a follow-up to my last post about Montreal, I wanted to share a bunch of pictures I took of Olympic Park and the exhibits I visited this month.

The park itself is a really cool place today. In looking at pictures of the original open field that had a couple of smaller venues and what it has become in the Olympic Park, I think Montreal has developed a really interesting, vibrant area of land that generates a good amount of traffic. Even though the stadium is a massive boondoggle, the rest of the park is worth exploring–there’s an urban garden, some tennis courts, and a funky outdoor café among other things.  It seems like the city is really trying to keep it in good shape and find ways for people to use it. In fact, the World Skateboarding Federation announced this past July that a new skatepark is in the works for Olympic Park.

This concept of ultra-expensive Olympics contrasted with the legacy the Games leave behind is something I want to continue exploring in this blog. Look for more posts on Olympic cities and the impact of the Games on them in the future.

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