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Who’s Going to Bid?

This Friday is an important milestone in the timeline of the 2024 Summer Olympics: It’s the day the bid cities submit their second round of bidding info to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

According to Around the Rings, in this round, bid cities will let the IOC know just how the city plans to pay for the Games, as well as a bunch of legal and governance issue. Finally, they’ll let the IOC know what the people and businesses think of hosting the Games.

This last item is kind of a big deal–if the people and businesses don’t support the Games, the host committee is going to have an uphill battle. It’s been a straw that’s broken the camel’s back for some cities (see: Boston), and is currently an issue in Rome, where the City Council recently voted to withdraw its support for the Games.

This would shrink the number of bid cities from four to three–Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris are still in the running–but New Europe reports that Rome may continue its bid anyway.

This doesn’t mean that Rome’s a lock as a bid city–the IOC’s going to look at these bid updates and decide whether or not each city will be allowed to move on to the third round of the bid. Question is, does the IOC want to deal with cities where the bid is diametrically opposed? Or are they so worried about candidate cities dropping like flies (Hamburg’s the latest) that they want more cities to be a part of the bid process so that they don’t get caught in another situation where one city is the only bidder (Los Angeles 1984), which causes them to lose the upper hand?


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