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And Then There Were Three

Well, Rome’s out.

Perhaps for decades.



As was thought, CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee) got out of the bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The bid didn’t have the support of the city’s mayor Virginia Raggi, who is more interested in fixing some legit problems like trash collection and corruption. The lack of support means that CONI president Giovanni Malago had to tell the IOC, Look, we’re going to “interrupt the candidacy.”

What does that mean? Well, it means that Rome got its stage 2 information in before the deadline, and they had to ‘fess up and say, Yeah, we don’t have a ton of local support, you know, right now, with this mayor and everything–but then the language Malago used somehow seemed to convey, But if you think we should keep going, IOC, (wink, wink) just let us know.

And then Malago dissolved the bid committee.

What? How can you keep a bid going when you’ve dissolved the committee?

Does he really think that they could get the bid back together if the IOC wants them to keep moving forward?

Maybe it’s poor translation. Maybe Malago might be trying to save some face here and spoke über-diplomatically. Rome dropped out of the 2020 race too, and perhaps that makes them look a little bad, getting the IOC’s hopes up for a nice competition (not to mention the $150,000 stage 3 fee they’re going to lose). Maybe he was just sad about the failure and tried to phrase it in the best light possible, since hope never dies.

At any rate, we’ll know for sure in December when the IOC announces who’s moving forward in the bid process.



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