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Can You Handle All Olympics All the Time?

Welcome to 2017! We’re just about a year away from the next Winter Olympics, which means our case of Olympic Fever–which had ebbed quite a bit, as can be the case with event fevers–is starting to make a reappearance. This means we’re back in action here on TheFeverr and will be posting more frequently.

The IOC probably would wonder why our fever ever subsided–after all, shouldn’t everyone be concerned with the Olympics 24/7/365? I’m not sure even an Olympic athlete can do that, to be honest, but the IOC is going to try to capture more of our eyeball time anyway. To do so, it’s launched the Olympic Channel, which is a mix of features, replays and original programming that’s available online and via app and–it’s hoping–partnerships with the networks to feature it on terrestrial television

Currently, the features are a bunch of Rio Replays of various sport highlights, as well as highlights from Rio, Sochi, London, Vancouver, Beijing, and the Youth Olympic Games. The IOC has partnered with different sporting organizations to show their major events. Video news rounds out the main categories.

The channel actually has a lot of original content, so from time to time we’ll look at some of its shows and let you know if they’re worth checking out, or if you should stick to the clip highlights to get your Olympic fix.

Transform My Meal (currently 16 episodes)

In this show, chefs help Olympic athletes transform their eating habits from boring to gourmet. I watched two episodes, thinking we’d learn about Olympian nutrition and what athletes in different sports eat on a regular basis. The show does show that a little bit–it talks about how the body needs to perform to be successful in the sport being featured, but it’s really a cooking show where a big time chef takes one staple meal in the athlete’s repertoire and shows them how to cook something that’s similar but 20 times fancier. Of course, the new meal looks and tastes a lot better, and the athlete is totally impressed with what they could be doing in their kitchens. The thing is that you can see see they’re never really going to try cooking like that on a regular basis because those meals usually take a lot of time to prepare, which can cut into the rest of life (and for a small sport, that likely includes having a job outside of training).

The show’s kind of interesting, but ultimately disappointing because I was expecting more education about athletic nutrition and I got a highly chopped up cooking show that barely showed me how to make a specific recipe.

My rating: OO (two rings out of five)

I probably wouldn’t watch the rest of it unless I was really hurting for content (and who’s hurting for content these days?), and that’s saying something, considering that I like cooking shows.

Hitting the Wall (currently 12 episodes)

This show takes “fitness-minded social influencers” who poo-poo some Olympians’ fitness regimes and sees if they can actually train like an Olympian. Hey, guess what? In the two episodes I saw (fencing and curling), the influencers were blown away by the difficulty of the workouts and gained a new-found respect for the Olympians and their sports. Shocking!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that every episode is going to have the same outcome, and that’s pretty lame. However, it is pretty cool to get a glimpse into the skills needed for different sports and see a little bit of the workouts necessary to build those skills. I say “a little bit” because these shows are heavy on the stylistic editing that gets in the way of laying down a lot of facts. This means you can’t get a full sense of what a day is like, but you do see some really cool exercises to try and use in your own workouts.

My rating: OOOO (four rings out of five)

I do hope to catch more episodes of this show because it’s kind of helpful in learning the exercises that help you develop certain skills like balance and quick reflexes. Even though the gimmick of the influencer gaining mad respect gets tired quickly, it’s fun to see someone who’s in shape try a routine that’s out of their comfort zone and see how taxing it is.


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