About Us

The Feverr is a place where fans of the Olympics can geek out about the greatest spectacle in the sporting world. If you regularly find yourself with a case of Olympic Fever, this is the site for you.

What We Do: We post articles and more about the various Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee, Olympic sports (and wannabe Olympic sports), Olympic athletes and Olympic fandom.

What We Do Not: Cover everything. We’re a small operation, and the world of Olympic sports is huge. We cover what strikes our fancy, and we aim to offer broader pieces about interesting topics that continue our love for the Olympic Games.

Who We Are:

Jill Jaracz is a Boston-area freelance writer who gets rampant cases of The Fever on a regular basis. She’s grateful her office allows her to watch TV all day during special events. Olympic sports she’s tried include: archery, athletics, (summer) biathlon, trap shooting, luge, swimming, badminton, tennis, triathlon and fencing (which is a great way to pick up a husband). She’s attended the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and has visited Olympic sites in 11 cities. Check out her other work at her website.

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