Olympic Day

Ready for Olympic Day?

June 23 is Olympic Day, and we hope you’re ready to celebrate the 123rd birthday of the modern Olympics! That’s right, in 1894, old Baron Pierre de Coubertin (the BPC) managed to put together an athletic congress to revive the ancient Greek Olympics (an interesting account of this is in David Goldblatt’s The Games: A Global History of the Olympics).

Every June, the IOC promotes an event in which they encourage National Olympic Committees to get out their Olympic Spirit and participate in Olympic-style fun–mostly, it encourages orgs to host a fun run, but there are other creative ways in which countries and organization show their spirit, like these Albanians:

If you’re celebrating, we want to hear about it! Tweet us @The_Feverr or comment below!

Olympic Day

O-Minus 42: Did You Move?

TheFeverr badge final

Did you get out there and exercise yesterday? Did you feel like an Olympian doing it (or even a #Olympian)??

I had planned to run a mile (at least) — and in kind of a complicated story, that didn’t pan out. I’ve been in Indiana for a month taking care of family for some health issues. I was actually supposed to fly home to Boston on Olympic Day, but there’s been a setback and I’m here a little longer.

Needless to say, it’s not fun being without The Boy (for those of you who don’t know, The Boy is my husband), so he drove out here yesterday. We were going to do the mile run together, but he got a little lost and got here too late for that.

But! I had the opportunity to get in some skating time. I also referee roller derby, and I’d brought my skates with me so I could practice. I’ve been able to get out occasionally, and yesterday I managed to get in about 25 minutes on skates, which is good. I definitely need the practice, and I was able to work on my form, backwards skating and crossovers in both directions. Sure, it was basics, but roller skating is so much fun that it didn’t matter.

I’m glad I made the move to move, and after practicing, I feel more like a #Olympian — that’s not full Olympian in my book. I’m far from that but that’s OK. It’s not like  roller sports is going to be part of the Olympic program anytime soon. That’s a conversation for another day though.

How did you celebrate? We’d love to hear how Feverrish your day was!

Where’s the torch?

Pantanal, MT

The Pantanal is a major natural region with a mammoth wetlands area. It’s still on the western side of the country, but we’re now in the middle range. Still close to the Bolivian border, but getting closer to Paraguay as well.

Portuguese for the day:

Today our language site is BiteSizedLanguages.com, which has a weekly theme and has a daily word to learn based on that theme. If you’re concerned about Zika virus, this week’s theme is good for you: It’s pregnancy.

IOC · Olympic Day

O-Minus 43: Happy Olympic Day!

Hey! Why are you reading this? Put down your screen and get outside and move! It’s Olympic Day! On Olympic Day we encourage an active, healthy lifestyle!

(and if you take a photo of you moving around and upload it to the IOC’s Olympic Day contest page, you could win some swag)

We’ll be back tomorrow with some highlights from the outdoors. Hope you’ll share your fun with us as well.

Where’s the torch?

Várzea Grande, MT — The torch is moving south. It’s still on the western side of Brazil though.

Portuguese lesson for the day:

Get outside and say some of the words you’ve already learned. It’s Olympic Day!

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O-Minus 44: Olympic Day: Let’s Get Pumped (and Learn Something)

Are you pumped yet for tomorrow’s Olympic Day? No? Well, take a look at Team USA’s song. Doesn’t it make you want to shed a tear/get off your butt and work on your fitness?

No? How about some extra Olympic knowledge (and please, someone bring back the Art and Literature contest)? Or Team USA’s version of a Cosmo quiz (minus the sex)?

We’re getting there–one more day until we get moving and showcase our inner Olympian! Don’t forget to sign up for our virtual run!

Where’s the torch?

Rio Branco, Acre. The Flame is still in the Northwest part of Brazil, nearer to Peru and Bolivia.

How about some more Portuguese?

World Wise Athlete’s got a nice collection (although targeted toward Americans).

IOC · Olympic Day

O-Minus 45: Olympic Day Prep: The Values of an Olympian

As we continue our preparation for Olympic Day, let’s take a look at the IOC’s values:

Excellence: It’s not being da bes, it’s about being your best. That’s kind of an interesting concept, since the Olympics is a whole lot of competitions, each with a designated winner and a couple of runners-up. However, there’s a cache to just being at the Olympics–everyone there has achieved excellence, and for a lot of the names we never hear about, the meet is about doing their best.

Friendship: The IOC sees sport as a way to bridge gaps between individuals, cultures and countries. Truth, right? People can get along playing a game together. Why we as a planet can’t keep that in mind when we’re adults, I don’t know. Maybe we should be forced to go to PE classes when we’re out of school, just to remind us how to get along.

Respect: This facet can be expressed in many ways–not just respect for others, but respect for yourself and your body (hey, let’s move!). Respect the game and its rules, because games’ boundaries help keep players safe, and it’s more fun when everyone’s on the same page with how the game should be played. The IOC also includes respect for the environment under this heading. A lot of sports–particularly winter ones–can’t happen if the earth’s been scrapped.

I spent some time looking at the IOC’s Olympic Values Education Program and was excited about the prospect of perhaps doing an activity together. Unfortunately, the fun stuff’s still under development (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been under development for a while and will continue to be so). So no activities for us–just a reminder to be excellent to ourselves and each other.

Where’s the torch?

Rio Branco, Acre. The torch is now in Northwestern Brazil, somewhat near the border of Bolivia.

Portuguese for the Day: Transparent offers a Brazilian Portuguese word every day.


IOC · Olympic Day

O-Minus 46: Olympic Day Prep: Let’s Get Moving!

Thursday is Olympic Day, the anniversary of the IOC’s founding, and it’s a day to honor Olympic values. The first of these is “Move.”

We need to get the couch potatoes off the couch and make sport and physical activity part of everyone’s life.

-Thomas Bach, president of the IOC

The IOC notes that we as a global society are moving a lot less than we used to. In less than two generations, Americans are moving 32% less and Brits are moving 20% less. In 18 years, Chiniese are moving 45% less, and in 5 years, Brazilians are moving 6% less.

Why is this a problem? Isn’t it great that we aren’t toiling in factories and fields as much? Yes, and no. While it’s nice that a lot of us aren’t doing back-breaking manual labor, it’s just as bad to be sedentary. Being active reduces risk of disease and mortality. You have better mental health and self-esteem, less anxiety and less stress. Also, when you’re more active, you make better choices about what you eat, which in turn makes your body stronger and then just perpetuates the physical and mental well-being cycle.

Being healthy is also good for society in that it lowers health care costs across the board, keeps people out of trouble, makes them more productive, improves academic output, improves acceptance of others and gets people more jazzed about helping out in their community.

One of the ways the IOC promotes the Move element of Olympic Day is through the Olympic Day Run. The first run, a 10K that 45 National Olympic Committees (NOC) did, took place in 1987. Since then, the Move element has expanded to embrace other types of movement.

We here at The Feverr personally could stand to benefit from moving a bit more (especially since, come August, were going to do a fair amount of couch potatoing), so we’re hosting our own virtual Olympic Day Run. We’re going to run a mile around our local track. Maybe more. Please join us and get your body moving–and if you’re hoping to get started on a more routine exercise plan, let this be your inspiration to make your body move faster, higher and stronger. Sign up on our Facebook page today!

Where’s the torch?

Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas. This is due north of Manaus.

I didn’t get my Portuguese lesson yesterday! Sorry about that–thought you might like a rest day. The Australian Olympic Team’s put together a handy guide for you!

IOC · Olympic Day

O-Minus 47: Are You Ready for Olympic Day?

Feverr level: Spiking

Where’s the torch? Manaus, Amazonas

The torch is moving westward. Manaus is the state capital, located where the Negro and Solimões Rivers come together.

Hey Friends,

Did you know that this Thursday is Olympic Day? Yep! June 23 marks the 122nd anniversary of the founding of the IOC, so all over the world there will be celebrations of Olympic values in three different ways: Move, Learn, Discover.

Now, if you’re like us, you’ve immediately gone to your local National Olympic Committee to see what’s on tap and if there’s an event near you. And if you’re especially like us (i.e.–adults in America), you’re a little disappointed to see that the USOC pretty much only pushes Olympic Day on youth organizations. Because the definition of “whole world” in IOC president Thomas Bach’s inspirational quote, “Every year, Olympic Day allows the whole world to unite behind the Olympic dream,” apparently is a lot smaller than what we’d consider it to be.

Cue the sad trombone.

The thing is, when you have Olympic Fever, a little stipulation like “being a kid” doesn’t get in your way. Hell, no! Olympic values don’t stop when you hit a certain age — they should be instilled in you when you’re young and revisited throughout your lifetime. As another famous O might say, the Olympic Values can help you life your best life, and that life sure as shootin’ doesn’t end when you’re officially adult age.

So when we here at TheFeverr look at the list of events near us that are really meant only for kids, we say, Fuck that shit! We’re going to have our own virtual Olympic Day right here! For adults! And you’ll know it because we’re using adult language!

This week we’ll spend some quality time looking at the Olympic values here on the blog, and then on Thursday we’ll be hosting our very own Virtual Olympic Run (VOR).  We challenge you to join us on the VOR as we take a short run around our neighborhood (more on that tomorrow). Heck, we won’t even push worldwide Olympic Day sponsor McDonald’s down your throat!

Ready to join us? Let us know on Facebook if you’re running with us, and we hope you’ll chime in on this week’s conversations. Let’s build those values together!