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O-Minus 14: We Sing More of the Songs

It’s not just Rio that has a ton of music, other countries also have their own “official songs” for the Olympics to pump up athletes and fans. Here’s a look at some of them:

Katy Perry dropped song for NBC, the American TV network broadcasting the Games. Cue the nightly montage clips:

If you’re across the pond, you’ll be hearing a lot of Jamie N Commons, which the BBC will play in heavy rotation:

Meanwhile, football legend Pele created his own Olympic theme for his country (dude was the greatest footballer ever and he plays bossa nova):


Team USA declared its own official song, selecting The Band Perry’s “Live Forever”:


If you listen to them, you’ll get that slowish, inspirational, this is deep vibe. Truly inspirational? Maybe, after we’ve heard them a bunch. What do you think? Catchy, or clichéd? If you know of any others, please keep us posted!


Olympic Music · Olympics · Olympics and the Arts · Rio 2016

O-Minus 15: We Sing Rio’s Songs

Is it just me, or are there a lot of songs for this year’s Olympics? Particularly from Rio 2016 itself–it’s not like you’ve got venues to finish or anything, but man, have you been good about cranking out the tunes.

First, the Olympic Flame had barely gone out in London, when you released this gem by de Arlindo Druz and Arlindo Neto e Rogê:


Then there’s the official song of the Olympic Torch Relay: “Vida de Viajante” (“Life of a Traveller”) by Luiz Gonzaga.


Then you have the “50 days ’til the Games–GET EXCITED” song by Negabi and Isadora:


And then you have the official Rio 2016 song “Alma E Coracao” by Thiaquinho and Projota:


Will any of these stick in our ears for years to come?