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O-Minus 37: A Parent’s View of the Trials

Countries all over the world are in the final stages of rounding out their Olympic teams, so sports trials have been on like crazy. In the U.S., diving, gymnastics and swimming trials have been ongoing, and track & field is ready to hit the deck — and I’m sure there’s more, as info keeps pouring in from around the globe so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it.

At any rate, today I wanted to share with you an interesting story from the U.S. Swimming Trials. Author and podcaster Joe Posnanski spoke with Yahoo! Sports columnist Pat Forde at the event. Two of Forde’s children competed; the third missed qualifying by one-tenth of a second. His take on parenting athletes is really interesting–and a refreshing change from the horror stories you hear about sports parents these days. Take a listen and learn what it’s like for the families of Olympians–or near Olympians.

Where’s the flame?

Arapongas, Paraná – We’re heading east toward Sao Paulo.

Hey, did you hear about the guy who tried to put out the flame–and bragged about doing it on Facebook? Yep, there are idiots everywhere….and sometimes it means facing arrest. Guy’s out of prison after paying a $295 fine though.