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O-Minus 13: What’s Your Olympic Sport?

As a veteran Olympics watcher, we can tell you one thing that’s going to happen while you’re sitting in front of the TV: You’re going to think that you too can be an Olympian, if only you could find your sport.

Luckily, many sites have done the dirty work of creating the “what is your sport” quiz so that we don’t have to. Here are some of the options, along with the results I got:

Teen Vogue – No joke–if you’re reading Teen Vogue on the regular, you’re young enough that you could have a chance to become an Olympian. Teen Vogue tells me: Badminton

National Health Service (UK) – This one’s a psychological and aptitude test developed by sports psychologists from Loughborough University (not that Teen Vogue doesn’t use experts to develop its quizzes, but still). If you’re really into a deeper level of quiz, this one’s fun because it has a lot of little games within it to test different facets of performance. The NHS tells me: Invasion sports (like football and basketball)

Quibblo – In three little questions, Quibblo’s tml96forever can tell what’s the sport for you. Quibblo tells me: Gymnastics I tell Quibblo: I can’t even do a backbend, let alone twist and flip in the air.

Blogthings – It takes five questions for Blogthings to give you direction–except that you’ll find that they only promote 14 sports, so if you’re thinking about martial arts or sailing or shooting (among others), you’re out of luck. Blogthings tells me: Kayaking

You have a competitive spirit, but you don’t like to compete alone.
You do well in a partnership, where you can feed off the other person’s energy.
If you have the right partner, nothing can stop you. Your energy is infinite!

BBC Olympic athlete body match – The BBC has an interesting take — instead of a quiz to spark your interest, it takes your height and weight and matches you to an existing Olympian (or likely an Olympian from 2012). Then you can spend all sorts of time playing around with your weight if you’re trying to bulk up or slim down. The BBC matches me to: Pistol competitor Stephanie Tirode from France.

QuizRocket – A 10-question quiz that should really offer medals in being able to click around pop-up ads. QuizRocket tells me: Gymnastics

Girls’ Life – If you’re not girl age, you’ve got to think back to your school days, since the questions kind of revolve around your favorite school subjects and hallway antics (I would also love to see my parents’ reaction if I was that age and asked for a laptop for my birthday). Girls’ Life tells me: Triathlon

Washington Post’s Are you over the hill for Olympic sports? – A simple quiz: gender and age. It compares you to London 2012 competitors to give you a few best options of what’s realistically possible for your age, which is a helpful idea (see: my perfect sport not being gymnastics). Washington Post tells me: Your best bets are equestrian, shooting and sailing. 

Playbuzz – Community member The Mighty Mouth asks a series of questions about your exercising, eating and personal care habits. Playbuzz tells me: Triathlon

Channel One News – An 11-question quiz that’s for the school age set. A few questions had choices that left a lot to be desired (like, after school I wouldn’t get ahead on tomorrow’s homework, I likely wouldn’t play video games, and hanging out at the game? I’d be playing it — where’s that option?). At any rate, Channel One tells me: Skeleton I respond: Um, OK. Let me take it again with different answers…still Skeleton? A winter sport? How about I take it again with other answers? Still Skeleton? Huh.

When I look at all of the results, a bunch are completely unrealistic. But I’d like to be the Olympic badminton champion of my backyard. I’ve done triathlon before–it’s a ton of fun, and I’ve enjoyed the endurance aspect of it, but speed is not on my side. Shooting? Interesting concept. Let me go renew my gun license and see about that.