Olymipians’ Favorite Snackfest

Atheletes! They’re just like us! They have to eat pretty healthy–duh–but they splurge once in a while too. If you want to your party to have the true feel of an Olympian, serve up some of their favorites and perhaps your guests will feel like gold medal winners. Here are some of their party-worthy food choices for your menu.

Alise Post – USA – BMX

  • Splurge: cookie dough

Allyson Felix – USA – Track & Field

  • Favorite snacks: pistachios, cashews, almonds
  • Splurges: Hot Cheetos, Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
  • General diet includes: fruit, vegetables, salads, brown rice, fish

Aston Eaton – USA – Decathlon

  • Favorite snack: noodles
  • Splurge: burgers (in the off-season)
  • General diet includes: protein shakes, tuna melts, asparagus

Carli Lloyd – USA – Football

  • Favorite snack: edamame
  • Splurge: cupcakes
  • General diet includes: fruit shakes, chicken salads, wraps

Daniel Purvis – UK – Gymnastics

  • Favorite snack: cereal bars
  • Guilty pleasure: microwave meals
  • General diet includes: chicken, pasta, salad, fruits, vegetables

Gabby Douglas – USA – Gymnastics

  • Favorite snack: YoCrunch yogurt
  • Favorite cuisines: Mexican and Italian

Gwen Jorgensen – USA – Triathlon

  • Workout fuel: Red Bull
  • Splurge: Chocolate

Hope Solo – USA – Football

  • Favorite snack: cheese and crackers with bell peppers
  • Splurge: Thai food

Jack Laugher – UK – Diving

  • Guilty pleasure: chicken wings, chicken madras with rice, garlic naan
  • General diet includes: pasta, rice, lasagna

Nicola Adams – UK – Boxing

  • Favorite food: chicken fajitas, nachos chili beef
  • Guilty pleasure: ice cream, cream cake
  • General diet includes: chicken, rice, veggies, soup

Norik Vardanian – USA – Weightlifting

  • Favorite snacks: caviar, nuts and trail mix

Ryan Lochte – USA – Swimming

  • Off-season: pizza, wings, chips
  • In training: salads, wraps

Simone Manuel – USA – Swimming

  • Snack: Goldfish crackers
  • Splurge: ice cream or a cupcake
  • Favorite food: pizza
  • Training foods: pasta, rice, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables

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