Chow, Aisha

Age: 39

Sport: Rowing

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Another first-representative-for a country entry, Chow randomly fell into her sport. A native of T&T, she went to college in Miami on an academic scholarship, was looking for a sport to do and a cousin suggested crew.

Turns out Chow had amazing raw talent and made the varsity squad right away, and during her college years, was on a champion crew.

Fast-forward through getting a Ph.D. and becoming a biotech research scientist, and 10 years later, Chow thought about taking up the sport again as a hobby, eventually finding her niche as a singles’ rower. Family encouraged her to see if her native country would consider her for its Olympic team, and when it joined the International Rowing Federation, she piled on more training (she’d only been doing five hours a week to make it fit in with her job) and managed to make the international qualifications.

Now she’s heading to Rio to be the first rower to represent Trinidad & Tobago. An athlete who fits in her sport around her career and life. At 39 years old. We can’t wait to cheer her on!

The rowing competition takes place August 6-13.