Don’t forget to dress up your house for the big show! How you decorate can depend on the type of party you’re having:

Brazilian Fest

If you’re celebrating all that Rio has to offer, go green. Brazil’s flag is green, blue and yellow:


Print some out and attach them to a length of string to create a banner.

Or, color your own!

Rio’s also famous for Carnival, its celebration just before the start of Lent. Carnival revelers are known for their fancy headdresses. Get some feathers and glue them to a paper crown for your own fun.

Olympic Colors

Use the colors of the Olympics to inspire all of your decorating–but you don’t have to use all five colors in every element. For example, you can have red cups, blue plates, green napkins, black silverware and yellow bowls. Cover your table with a white cloth, and you’ve got an Olympic flag look. Mix and match colors on streamers and balloons too, or make banners with print-outs of Olympic flags.

Pro tip: Party stores sometimes sell packages of “sport rings” in the Olympic colors for extra wall decor.

National Pride

Of course, you can cheer on all of the countries–or just your own. Make or buy banners with flags on them. Use country colors or patterns in your tableware choices.

Keep it festive and fun, and you’ll be ready for a great party!