What’s the deal?

Katniss Everdeen in the flesh. Well, not quite. Olympic archers compete in a single elimination tournament, going head-to-head to see who shoots best.

Matches are divided into sets; each shooter gets three arrows for their half of the set. They shoot at a target, scoring 1-10 for the arrow, with 10 being the center of the target. Whoever scores highest in the set gets two points. If the archers tie, they each get a point. First person to six points wins. If there’s a tie after five sets, each archer gets one shot, and the best score on that arrow wins.

But Katniss’ bow doesn’t look like this.

Competitive archers use recurve bows tricked out with stabilizers–the things that stick out from the bow–and sighters to keep the bow steady and see better to get off the ultimate shot.

Who’s competing?

Men, Women, single-sex teams

Five reasons to watch:

  1. Getting a bulls-eye is pretty damn difficult. The will they or won’t they tension is fantastic!
  2. Announcers might say “in the butt.” Yep, that’s a technical term for the material behind the target.
  3. Competitors’ zenlike focus.
  4. Bod watch: Major upper body and core strength.
  5. Great hats.

Everyone’s talking about:

The South Koreans, who’ve dominated the sport for years.

If you’ve got The Feverr, you’re watching:

The South Koreans. They’re dominant for a reason.

Potential drinking game:

For every perfect 10, drink.

The perfect snack:

Shoestring potatoes/potato sticks


Check out World Archery for a beginners’ guide and where to try it.

To become an archery judge, start here.

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