What’s the deal?

In three words: Track and Field. One of the O.G. Olympic sports, it’s the Games’ motto personified. Run faster, jump higher, heave a weighted object farther.

Who’s competing?

Talk about a marathon of a sport — Men and women compete in 47 different events. But you won’t see event equality here. Women have one fewer event — just one walking race  compared to the men’s two, and it’s not that women are more hep — their multi-event competition has just seven events compared to the men’s ten.

Five reasons to watch:

  1. There’s fast, and then there are these folks.
  2. During Slo-Mo replays, you can kid yourself that if that was the regular speed, you could be just as fast.
  3. When you see the Steeplechase, you’ll wish you could do one of those instead of just another lousy 5K.
  4. Will a relay runner drop the baton?
  5. That’s what speed walking looks like?

Everyone’s talking about:

Usain Bolt’s potential triple-triple. The fastest man in the world for the past umpteen years, he’s going for his 3rd consecutive gold in 3 different events.

If you’ve got The Feverr, you’re watching:

Hammer throw. Because you never get to see it anywhere else.

Potential drinking game:

Drink every time the announcers mention Bruce or Caitlin Jenner during the Decathlon.

The perfect snack: Grab an energy bar — you’re in for the long haul


Americans can check out USA Track & Field for more information. Other nationals, please look for your local track & field association.

Want to be a track & field official? Find officiating resources–including information on international officiating–here.

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