What’s the deal?

It’s the fastest racquet sport in the world: competitors use incredible hand-eye coordination to volley an object over a net in such a way that their opponent can’t possibly return it. Each game is played to 21 points, but you’ve got to win by two, so no one can win a game with a score of 21-20. So players play on, in hopes of getting that two point margin, but the rules say that if someone gets 30 points, they’re the winner, even if the score is 30-29. And that’s just one game — winning a match means best two out of three.

Who’s competing?

Men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, mixed doubles 

Why should I watch?

This ain’t no backyard picnic game, sister. This is war. The agility, power and precision that these athletes have is something to admire–and once you’ve watched a few matches, you’ll be having your own Backyard Olympics trying out the moves you’ve seen. It also doesn’t hurt that badminton is a huge deal in Asia, which means the fans will be going nuts. And by huge deal, we mean these folks can make some money.

So watch and find out once and for all: Is it a birdie or a shuttlecock?

Feverrish people know about:

Saina Nehwal, India’s rising star. She got the bronze in 2012, became a national inspiration and now she’s back for more. They also know that in April the record was set for the longest match at 2 hours, 41 minutes. And they might have looked into the Badminton For Peace initiative, the partnership between Peace and Sport and the Badminton World Federation that’s giving children in Colombia, Timor Leste and Haiti some hope for a better future through the power of sport.

Potential drinking game:

 Every time the announcer reminds you that they’re playing with a shuttlecock and that this is not like the game you play in the backyard, drink.

The perfect snack:

Chicken satay


The Badminton World Federation  is your go-to site for fans and players.

Want to see the game from the perspective of a line judge, referee or umpire? Find out more about Technical Officials here.

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