What’s the deal?

Teams of five compete against each other to get a ball through an airborne hoop. In this ball sport, players can’t walk or run without bouncing the ball

Who’s competing?

Both men and women have their own tournaments. Twelve teams duke it out in groups of six. The top four teams in each group move on to the single-elimination rounds.

But isn’t the US a lock?

Probably, but it’s no guarantee. Lithuania and China usually have good players too.

Five reasons to watch:

  1. Amazing vertical leaps.
  2. Brazil gets an automatic entry–and they’re a decent team!
  3. The potential that a Hail Mary half-court shot at the buzzer actually goes in.
  4. Slam dunks.
  5. It’s pretty much always on. Like most team sports, basketball medals are determined through a tournament, which starts the day after the Opening Ceremonies and ends on the day of the Closing Ceremonies.

Everyone’s talking about:

The last time the U.S. men’s team lost the gold, it was 2004. Will anyone be able to topple them?

If you’ve got The Feverr, you’re watching:

 The women’s team from Senegal. They haven’t qualified for the Games in this sport since the 2000 Sydney Games, where they placed 12th. We love an underdog!

Potential drinking game:

Drink anytime a player misses a free throw. Have a social if a team scores over 100 points.

The perfect snack:

A cheese ball and crackers (Amy Sedaris’ Li’l Smoky Cheese Ball recipe is a winner in our book!)


Well, it’s pretty easy to find a place to play basketball, but if you want to know the road to Olympic basketball glory, check out this site or the FIBA site, which is the international federation governing Olympic play.

While there are lots of opportunities to become involved as a basketball referee, here’s one of the sites around FIBA refereeing

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