Cycling BMX

What’s the deal?

BMX is one of the IOC’s attempts to appeal to the younger generation–the one that prefers the X Games to the Olympic Games–so the organization added this event in 2008.

Good move on their part. BMX is a crazy race around a dirt obstacle course. Cyclists jump ramps and hills and navigate tight corners in order to finish the course as fast as possible. Each athlete does the course solo to get a qualifying time. Then they get put into racing groups for further rounds — and the added bikes adds extra mayhem. Dirt, bikes and people can go flying in the quest for Olympic gold.

Who’s competing?

Men and women each have their own individual event.

Why is this cool?

When you watch this, you will likely stand in front of your TV (no, you won’t sit) and yell, “THIS IS SO COOL!” It’s grungy, it’s dangerous, it’s thrilling to see a cyclist go airborne and land cleanly. Don’t miss it!

Potential drinking game:

Raise your glass for wipe outs.

The perfect snack:

Muddy buddies.


Check out the International BMX Federation arm of the International Cycling Union for more info

Prefer to keep both your feet on the ground? Officiating might be for you.

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