Cycling Mountain Bike

What’s the deal?

Cyclist vs. terrain vs. other cyclists. The windy course has hill climbs, sudden drops, rocky fields,  trails through woody areas–and there might even be some mud. And if the idea of bouncing over some major boulders isn’t nerve-wracking, it takes extra mettle to pass your competitors on the narrow cycling path and get through the course as fast as possible.

Who’s competing?

Women and men each have individual races on the 5k loop. Men do more laps than women though.

Why should I watch?

No one says, “BRING IT!” much like a mountain biker. Jumps? No biggie. Rocks? That’s all you’ve got? Tree roots? The bumpier, the better! These athletes have no fear–throw any type of nature in their way, and they’ll figure out how to ride over it.

Potential drinking game:

Anytime someone dismounts their bike, take a sip.

The perfect snack:

Puppy chow


Feel like taking your off-road cycling to the next level? The International Cycling Union is the international governing body for the sport. Want to be a part of the action in a different way? Race officials are called Commissaires, and you can’t have a race without them. Learn more about what they do here.

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